MissaMore Love Affair!

Missa More is a high-street fashion hub operating in the fast fashion style. Whenever i browse their site, i always find something which catches my eye. They come up with new styles very often in line with the new trends and at very affordable prices. And not just apparel, they have a beautiful collection of … Continue reading MissaMore Love Affair!



There’s nothing like a little shimmer, a hint of glitter or soupçon of sparkle to excite our lives. With shades of gold, silver, copper and everything in between, metallics are set to add sparkle to your look this season. This metallic trend is really more of a very classic look, but it’s so reinvented and nipped and … Continue reading METALLIC MADNESS


We Indians might not be lucky in some fields compared to other world citizens but when it comes to wardrobe options, we Indians are truly blessed. Not only is our fashion trend meter on point with Western styles – be it sheer, metallic or retro, we also have a huge treasure chest of traditional inspiration for our … Continue reading MODERN ETHNIC