Be the College Fashionista

After 12 years of wearing the same uniform day after day , at last you get the much needed freedom of styling your everyday outfit once you start your college.

The thought of finally choosing a new outfit for college everyday gives us immense happiness  but we forget that it can be dreadful too , to find an outfit that defines your style every single day and that is under our budget.

Every one will have one of those days where every single thing you try on just doesn’t feel quite right… even though you have a closet full of clothes? For college girls on a budget, this is an all too familiar reality. Since we can’t always afford to constantly invest in new clothes, sometimes all you need is a little dose of fashion inspiration.

We both are last year graduates , so we know that the struggle is real ,BUT again you get to experiment with your looks and style ,A LOT.

So don’t hesitate and enjoy all the phases -funky chick, classy sassy, too girly ,tom boyish,etc  because college life passes by in a blink of an eye.

We have chosen four inspiring looks for all the girls struggling to think of something new.DSC_0435Being From a Sikh DU college, I never got the privilege to wear skirts, dresses or shorts , but my college shopping(which I did immediately after taking my board exams) was full of summery dresses, funky sorts and skirts . One of my  ideal college look was to wear a cute, short, flowly summer dress – it’s comfortable, girly and cool.

And a huge tote bag is a MUST for college , because you will soon realize that it’s not the books and registers that takes up your bag space but your daily necessities that eat up all the space.

Metallics are sooo IN these season , so every girl should own a pair of metallic shoes , bag and a piece of clothing. They come in handy to style up your subtle , boring and ordinary clothes .


My first look is a semi- formal college look. I have a thing for bell sleeves and flared pants because comfy and trendy is my style!

These black flared pants are my wardrobe staple because i can wear them both for  formal and casual days

For my college dressing, I paired my black pants with a red bell sleeves top and red platforms for a playful semi- formal look because college is the best time to experiment with your looks!

And you will never fail to make a statement!

DSC_0408DSC_0420DSC_0493DSC_0407DSC_0478DSC_0470DSC_0246Classy never goes out of style .

There will come a phase where you would want to be the ‘CLASSY SASSY CHICK’ . Pretty shirts with high waist jeans and a tote bag will become your staple.

In that case , look for something new – either it can be new design , or new unique color or it can be something like I am wearing – sheer chandelier lace shirt .

You can take out the hidden scarves from your closets and style them with your looks also.

AGAIN metallics are our  staple. 



Nothing can beat T-shirt dresses in comfort and style. And there always are girls who prefer comfy and athleisure style ! And SO AM I!

This tshirt dress from VERO MODA was my perfect kinda college wear because it is so STYLISH and yet so COMFORTABLE! It’s caged back and the zip in front just adds to it’s style quotient. I paired them with my baby pink sneakers and i was all set for my COLLEGE ATHLEISURE LOOK!

*And athleisure is the new IN thing in 2017 because it combines relaxed standards of dress with fashion

DSC_0332DSC_0322DSC_0313DSC_0311DSC_0319DSC_0341Hope you got the inspiration you were looking for .

Just be yourself and enjoy your college lie to the fullest because trust us it is the best phase our lives .

until next time




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