Ordinary tee –> CHIC look

Do you have a hard time finding an outfit that’s comfortably casual yet totally stylish? We have just the inspiration you need.

We all have a huge pile of ordinary tees lying around in our wardrobes , but when it’s time to doll up we all give them a schedule caste treatment .

BUT why leave them aside for stay in home days , when you can totally rock a casual tee glamorous look with a few simple steps



Bored with your oversized tees? Here is what you can do to glam them up!

Knot the front and give it an off-shoulder look and you are ready to rock the streets! A simple casual tee turns into a glam top !! Tie the knot as per your comfort level.

I paired my ‘new tee’ with a pencil black skirt, a lace choker and grey cut work heels. STREET STYLE CHIC ❗️ So girls, it is time to take out all those ‘I won’t wear it outside’ tees and give them a new style!

gurman srishti (20 of 63)gurman srishti (31 of 63)new (161 of 362)IMG_5316IMG_5314


A basic simple tee and that too of game of thrones graphics ! My favorite!

To glam up my ordinary tee , I tucked it  in my  black mini tube skirt and to give it an urbane touch wore a lime green infinity scarf  and I was good to goooo.

Solid style minus all the fuss.

NOTE : don’t over do it when it comes to styling your tee ! keep it simple and comfortable to give it the edgy look.

gurman srishti (25 of 63)gurman srishti (28 of 63)IMG_5315

We would pick a basic white, black or grey T-shirt over any top. Anytime. It’s one of our favorite pieces ever, much like a blank canvas that can be styled in soooo many ways it’s crazy. Or can be kept simple to give you a chic effortless crispy look.

The addition of a vibrant blazer over basic white tee is one of our favorite styling tricks to dress up our simple casual tees . Here are our two looks where we styled our basic white tee.

The moment you add trendy jeans , heels, bling , blazers , brooches , trousers to your basic white tee you get a very chic understated sophisticated look.


IMG_5322gurman srishti (52 of 63)new (327 of 362)gurman srishti (50 of 63)gurman srishti (55 of 63)


In the look 3, I paired my tee with a pair of fringed denims (because denim and white is always a classy pairing)  and added a neon blazer to it. I completed my look with these beautiful tussel  earrings.



In the look 4 , I paired my white graphic tee with cropped trousers and added a beautiful  lime color blazer to it (because we love this colour). The lapel pin  just added the elegance to it.


Your basic white tee is no more basic.

WE hope that the tips were useful to you

stay tuned



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