Be a Print on Print PRO

Do you also love wearing PRINTS ? And want to try the latest PRINT ON PRINT trend ?

Mixing prints during the summer is popular this fashion calendar but why do most of us look like we dressed in the dark ?

The truth is, print-on-print can be quite intimidating and if you don’t follow its own set of rules then you are gonna be haunted by the fashion police.

Here are a few examples and some basic rules that will surely give you help to mix , match and clash prints like a PRO .

new (184 of 362)

Polka dots and stripes are cute, girlish and playful. You like both polka dots and stripes , so why wouldn’t you mix  them together?

Rule: match colours, not prints!

I think the secret in achieving a successful juxtaposition of prints is to have one print smaller in scale than the other! Hence, I chose thin stripes with large polka dots in my outfit.

My stripes and polka dots belong to the B&W family, so they balance out each other .

Wear it for a casual outing or to work to break the monotony of boring formal wear!

new (230 of 362)new (180 of 362)new (232 of 362)gurman srishti (37 of 63)

I followed two basic rules of print on print fashion that will definitely get you the look you are wanting

1)Keep your fabrics in the same color family

2)Pick two different prints that share a single color

This will help you neutralize the complete look and wont let the prints over power each other .

In my first look both my palazzo and front knot top have white common in them , therefore giving it a rich sense of style and not letting either of prints to be loud or coming as too strong for the other.


gurman srishti (44 of 63)gurman srishti (39 of 63)gurman srishti (40 of 63)new (37 of 362)

When doing the print on print trend, remember that stripes are the new neutrals. They go very well with different patterns and prints. Stripes of any size are the easiest print to mix into an outfit!

One of the piece of clothing should be more vibrant while keeping the other one muted. So I paired my plaid print short dress with a neutral colour shrug ! The grey colour does not overpower the vibrant colours of my dress and acts as the perfect blend to it.

So remember that stripes are the new neutrals and there should always be a neutral colour with a loud plaid piece.

new (48 of 362)gurman srishti (11 of 63)IMG_6718gurman srishti (57 of 63)

For my second look , I followed the third basic rule , ie  Pair mixed prints with neutrals for an easy vibe , additional to the first 2 basic rules .

If you want to pair up two loud prints together then you MUST BALANCE IT OUT BY WEARING A NEUTRAL COLOR .

In my case ,prints on both my kimono and top have life of their own , so to match them up in a single look , I wore neutral navy pants and sketcher sandals . This definitely balances out the dominance of the prints over each other and makes you look like print on print fashion PRO.


gurman srishti (56 of 63)gurman srishti (63 of 63)gurman srishti (58 of 63)gurman srishti (61 of 63)IMG_6722 (1)

We hope this blog gave a confidence to try out this trending fashion and BE a Pro . 😉




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