Forever 21? YES Forever 21!

We all need a little fashion inspiration every now and then—especially when we have parties , events or outings planned .

All girls wants to wear something new every time they step out , trust me it will be a dream come true if a new outfit pops up in our closet every time we plan to dress up .

YET this is too good to be true , mainly because of our (non-existent) bank account balance. :p

But God heard our prayers , and gave us Forever 21 😛

LOADS OF VARIETY AND LOW COST (compared to other good brands) And they don’t only have clothes but accessories, shoes and bags tooooo 😀

We have picked up our favorite 4 outfits that are perfect for all occasions – from parties to hangouts with friends. (it is quite difficult to shortlist only 4 outfits , when our closets are filled with multiple FOREVER 21 clothes )


Going to family brunch ? or getting ready to party all weekend ? Then this abstract high slit skirt is a must have.

Not only its unique print but it’s soothing color combo goes well with all colors. The high slit is perfect to give you the classy touch of elegance.

AND I BOUGHT IT FOR A KILLER PRICE – RS. 1199/- !!!!! YESSSS this is true , a Rs.1199 skirt can give you the perfect designer outfit look.

SUPER AFFORDABLE LOOK. I have worn this for family lunches, friend’s birthday party and even for pool side party.

White peplum top , complimented it well and EVEN my subtle gold loops are from FOREVER 21.



When life gives you curves, flaunt them!

Thinking it is impossible to wear bodycon without dieting for a month? So wrong! Girls you need to show your body some love. Contrary to popular belief, form-fitting silhouettes can be very flattering, whatever your body shape and regardless of the pasta you had for lunch.

we get anything and everything at Forever21, don’t we? I found my perfect kinda blue bodycon dress there for just Rs 1299.  It is so simple but so glam and classy! Heading for a party? A dinner date? Or maybe a brunch? It’s colour and style makes it wearable for all of them! It enhances my figure and my long slender legs and makes me wear bodycon without getting conscious! I paired it with a subtle neckpiece and classic black heels (from Forever21 too)!

Try opting for neutral colours, preferably dark colours for bodycons. Consider your body type & shape and show off your best features. Don’t go heavy on the accessories and don’t wear flats with them!

_11A7217_insta_11A7183_insta_11A7146_instaFloral is love ! And when you get a beautiful summery floral spaghetti top at just Rs 899/- then you HAVE TO BUY IT.

As you can see it’s not just simple top, it has a matching choker scarf too :O Doesn’t this up your style quotient by miles ?

Pair it up with God damn anything you like – be it jeans, shorts, skirts or palazzo .

I wore my fav black tube skirt (like always)  and black kitten heels and i was ready to rock a party or a lunch date 😉

My bracelet is also a purchase from FOREVER 21.


I have been totally obsessing over jumpsuits lately! They are so chic, easily dressed up or down, and they are an instant outfit. Anything that makes getting dressed easier and more comfortable, I’m all about it!

Summers mean vibrant colours and soothing prints. And I couldn’t take my eyes off this chic jumpsuit at Forever21. It is perfect for any occasion and is comfortable & stylish at the same time. You can also layer it up in winters and you are good to go.

It speaks for itself, so only minimal accessories are required. I paired my jumpsuit with nude heels to give it the perfect height and a nude pink bag to keep all the attention focussed on my jumpsuit.

This jumpsuit will always be my wardrobe staple! My bag, heels and my glares are from Forever21 too. Never failing to keep me happy!

_11A7090_11A7118_insta_11A7122_instaLooking for affordable yet stylish outfit ? Then by now , you must have realized that your go to place should be FOREVER 21.

Their prices , quality, and collection is  good enough for everyone to purchase and look ravishing .

So next time , when you are sad that you don’t have an outfit for an upcoming party or event THEN RUSH to Forever 21 and you will surely come back HAPPY 😀


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